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Tuesday, 19 June 2007


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Ah so good to hear your back, I have been worried! It is amazing what we find out through these blogs isn't it?! I didn't realise you were moving, have you found anywhere yet? Hope you have managed to find a nice school!!! It will be so nice for you to be near clare again, and all the new friends you have made.xx

Hello! What's the time scale? Moving tomorrow? I love the buzz of moving and all that the new house brings etc. Good luck with all you have to do..let us know how its all going...
p.s thanks for the support about DS#1, I'm ready for a fight(!) if need be. It is heart breaking when he says he's dumb and stupid. Still, we'll rise above it all and for tonight..the little man has gone to bed happy with Tom Sawyer!

The move is for summer - ready for the new school year in September! Yippee :)

Just remembering when you moved out of our flat and into that house how much you had managed to cram into such a small space and thinking of how on earth are you going to get it all and more besides out of there into somewhere else. Love you so much, just seeing Zac dressed like that made me remember you when you were his age. Hope the move goes well, don't do too much, know full well that you will as usual run at life full tilt, but please be careful you are special and we don't want you poorly.

Don't kids just love dressing up ! Good luck with the move !

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