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Saturday, 13 January 2007


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I'll try her on and let you know!!!

She looks very very lovely. I think if you keep her, that's a good choice.

But the camera you can wear wether it's winter or summer, hot or cold, raining or sunshine.

Hmm. A tough decision.

Oh gosh what a hard decision!! Cameras are important...such a lovely red coat though...

I would understand if you gave her up in favour of a new camera but I wouldn't blame you if you kept her!!

I'm all for the camera but that's just me, I don't own more than 2 coats and 5 pairs of shoes...I know what kind of lady am I if I don't indulge in coats, shoes, or purses! :0)

The coat is very lovely, any way of hinting to hubby you want both for your birthday?

It should stay it looks beautiful, I will give you money for your birthday and then it can surely stay along with the new camera, with which you could be photographed wearing the new coat

oh man, what a tough decision!!!! hmmm, i would wanna keep the coat but having a camera would be really ideal too.... maybe you can get both!!!! someone will surprise you with a camera perhaps?! like your husband :)

I can't decide. A beautiful coat is a special thing...
Oh. This is too hard.

What did you decide?

I'd keep the coat, definately. My camera is pants after I left it out in the rain. I'd be better off using my old 35mm, but I like just getting one photo printed off. I was going to get a new one next week, but my son has just shown me the phone he wants for his birthday. It's like a super phone, super expensive too. Do you ever get the feeling that us mothers are at the bottom of the ladder where nice expensive things are concerned. I think it comes down to who screams the loudest (currently my kids.) I suggest you go by the camera too, then stand on top of the stairs in house wearing the coat, and camera in one hand. Then scream really loud "Iwant them both". I wonder if the kids and husband will take the hint your feeling materialisticly neglected. (or possibly just over realistic !!!)

Hi Lindsey! This is a beautiful coat! Thanks for stopping by! I definatly counldn't live without my new camera-I dont know how I did it before!! That new tupperware looks fantastic!

keep the coat!!

it is totally gorgeous, and you must have really loved it to leave the shop with it in the first place. you can always get a camera again (and might I recommend a little spending on the plastic???!!!) but if you take that coat back, you will probably never get the chance to own one like it again. Your blog photos look fine I reckon, for the while anyway. keep the coat!!!!

oh, and I just read your daily wisdom quote in relation to your coat: "Forsake her not, and she shall preserve thee: love her, and she shall keep thee [warm]" Proverbs 4:6 (slight hannah addition lol) - you gotta keep her now!!!!

Bwa ha ha! Laughing at Hannah's comment. I'd keep the coat. I hardly ever splurge on myself, and I'm guessing you're the same way? So it's nice to have a pretty coat to wear. The camera will come in it's own time. Feed your family oatmeal for awhile...you know what I mean.

Oh, this is a tough decision!

I would keep the adorable coat, then sell stuff on ebay like crazy for money to buy the camera! :-)

Guess what?

she's STAYING!

How excited am I?

Just can't wait to see you in the beautiful coat, make sure you are wearing it next time you come to see me, bet you will look wonderful and stunning. Been thinking back to the day you were born and having lots of wonderful and scary memories, and feeling so happy that you are still here and still making us all so happy just to know and love you

I love the coat, just think it could be a once in a life time oportunity i would keep her!!
You can always get a camera later on :)

Who can pass up a cutie find like that at TKMaxx? In the States, we have TJMaxx (and I am a junkie). Hope you enjoy her!

visiting your blog for the first time and fell in love with the red coat! glad to hear she is staying and i want to visit my tJ Maxx here in nyc and see if i can spot on for myself!

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